TV Productions



Broadcast TV Productions include:

  • The Path of a Peacemaker (BBC) – 50 minute documentary profile of Ray Davey OBE, former prisoner of war, Rugby International, Queens University Chaplain and founder of the Corrymeela Community.
  • All I’ve Ever Known (BBC) – 30 min documentary looking at the upbringing and lifestyle of community activist and local historian, Margaret Gallagher from Belcoo, Co. Fermanagh, who has chosen to live an alternative lifestyle in her family’s thatched cottage without any modern amenities.
  • Disciples of Dissent (BBC) – 40 min historical documentary to mark the 350th anniversary of Irish Presbyterianism. The programme was presented by Dr Colin Morris, former Controller of BBC N. Ireland.
  • Faith in the Force (UTV) – 30 min documentary profiling the life of former Northern Ireland Police Detective, Ben Forde, who spent much of his career in the anti terrorist division. Though he endured many attempts on his life, Ben’s Christian commitment led him to go far beyond the call of duty, when he would privately make prison visits to those he had helped put behind bars.
  • Very Different From Vietnam (BBC) – 40 min documentary charting the progress of the Vietnamese Boat People who arrived in Northern Ireland for re-settlement. The programme traced the families who had moved on to better things – some becoming very successful, as well as those who remain in Craigavon.
  • From the Turn of the Road (BBC) – 40 minute documentary which brought the ‘Big Brother’, psychologist, and author, Professor Geoffrey Beattie, from the University of Manchester, back to Northern Ireland to trace and interview the former members of his old street-gang in working-class North Belfast.
  • Coming Home (Norsk TV) Short documentary about former drug addict and fraudster who supported his habit by forging signatures on credit cards stolen by his pick-pocket accomplices. After a prison sentence he returned home to the family he had stolen money from and deserted two years previously.
  • Tanya (Norsk TV) Orphaned during the Vietnam war, Tanya was flown to Northern Ireland as a two year old where she was adopted and raised in Coleraine as part of a loving family. But the trauma of those early childhood days had to be confronted in later life, when Tanya faced a crisis of identity.
  • The Bingham Tapes (BBC Choice and Intnl Video Distribution) Filmed on location in Co. Carlow, Derick Bingham interviews Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis, and co-producer of the feature film series, The Chronicles of Narnia, about his life, work, and memories of his step-father.
  • Merrie’s Story (Norsk TV) Raised by a Religious Order in Tasmania, Merrie found herself pregnant at eighteen and had a secret abortion. Although her secret wasn’t disclosed, the incident was to haunt her for years to come. Only after listening to CS Lewis, “Mere Christianity” on audio tape, did Merrie find forgiveness and learn to forgive herself.