My Garden Robin


Anyone else have a garden Robin?

Meet my Garden Robin, whose favourite food is suet pellets. This little bird appears to have taken up residence in my back garden where I’ve provided a bird table and some feeders to try to ensure a continual supply of bird food.
I’ve read that Robins are territorial and that the bright colour may be used as a threat to rivals. I haven’t observed aggression of any kind but I know this Robin will interact with me in a way none of the other birds have ever done. Sometimes he appears to be quite fearless.
I discovered that the half coconut shell works well since he has somewhere to perch while grabbing a pellet.  On the day I captured the photo of him perched on top of the bird table, one source of great amusement was that moments after this photo was snapped, he flew towards me and landed and sat on top of the camera lens. I was using a Nikon 70-200 which is 7 inches long, so he was literally sitting inches from my face. I’m  not sure if he was trying to tell me something but it sure gave me a good laugh.